Industry Focus
When companies need professional assistance with major business challenges, they rely on SCG - a true strategic partner focusing on their industry and our clients' needs!

Our vision for every client is to create a unique strategy that leads  to regulatory approval, excellent commercialized medicines, biologics, and medical devices. Executing that vision is our belief that we can help our clients launch products in the market faster through our expertise and partnership.
Welcome to Schawan Consulting Group, LLC
Welcome to Schawan Consulting Group, LLC
  • Schawan Consulting Group offers a wide range of competitive and operational services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies,  efficiently and expeditiously.  We bring products from the clinical stage straight through to commercialization. We focus on the areas of clinical research and development, medical affairs, regulatory processes, and marketing approved products.

  • Representing our clients in the FDA meetings, scientific presentations and global conventions.

  • A customized clinical and regulatory strategy for every client to fit their business model and line of product development.
We Offer
  • We use the resources available to us to help our clients be successful.

  • Our strong technical and medical backgrounds gives us the ability  to manage projects and provide further value into your development; giving you back the time you need for more demanding work.

  • Schawan Consulting Group has the most disciplined​ and world renowned team who is accustomed to working under tight deadlines and short notice modifications, and delivering extraordinary performance. 
Schawan Consulting Group is a leading product development consulting firm dedicated to assisting biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and venture capital companies with their clinical development from designing clinical trials to launching  successful products in the market, and identifying future indications.
SCG Promise
Schawan Consulting Group  was founded upon principles of excellence and committment, we share and value our clients' determination for delivering life-changing therapies to help people live healthier lives. We are committed to bringing scientific and clinical expertise, quality and speed to every drug development program to help deliver safe and effective products to the market.