Our People

Schawan Consulting Group and it's talented and world class consultants are 
well-known for their knowledge, determination, professional work, problem
solving, use of cutting edge technology, passion, meeting tight deadlines,
delivering precise results, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Schawan consulting group's consultants recognize the overwhelming trust that
their clients place in them, and they strive to add to the positive for the client's 

Below are some of our world class professionals who shown outstanding
dedication and passion to their work and our clients.

Sooji Lee-Rugh, M.D.
Dr. Sooji Lee-Rugh, co-founded True Trials in 2005 and serves as CEO for this early-stage company. Prior to True Trials, she was the medical director for Millenium Clinical research center, LLC. in Arlington, Virginia, since 1999. Dr. Rugh is a Certified Physician ​Investigator (CPI), and has been involved in over 50 clinical trials. Sooji earned a B.S. in Biology with a joint degree in Literature from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and received her M.D. from the university of Pittsburgh school of medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She completed a residency in Internal Medicine at UCLA Harbor Medical Center, Torrance, CA. She has served in the past on the APPI (Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Investigators) Investigator Council and currently serves as Vice Chair of the Physician Investigator Education and Career Development Subcommittee for ACRP (Academy of Clinical Research Professionals).

Edward P. Amento, M.D.
Dr. Amento founded founded MMRI in 1995 to advance the understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of autoimmune and connective tissue diseases and cancer with the goal of fostering the translation of laboratory science to clinical care. Dr. Amento is currently Adjunct Clinical Professor of Medicine (Immunology/Rheumatology) and Dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Amento is an internationally recognized expert on the cellular and molecular biology of connective tissue disorders. He is the author and co-author of greater than 160 published manuscripts, reviews, chapters and abstratcs. Prior to his association with Stanford, he was Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an Assistant Physician in the Arthritis Unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Amento received his M.D. degree from Albany Medical College and his B.S. Degree form Boston College. Following medical school, he was an Intern, Resident and Chief Resident in Medicine at the University of Conneticut Health Center, after which he was a Clinical Fellow in Pulmonary Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. He then completed his training in rheumatology at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Gernal Hospital followed by postdoctoral research felloships.

Brent Treiger, M.D.
Dr. Treiger has fifteen years of product development experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry and has been significantly involved in the successful development of several oncology products. Dr. Treiger's special skills include evaluationg potential markets for new technologies to identify the best opportunities for clinical development;devising strategies (clinical development plans) to achieve rapid regulatory approval and commercial success, interacting with the FDA, and designing and conducting clinical trials (Phase I-IV) for multiple products. Dr. Treiger has designed Phase I programs, negotiated with the FDA at Pre-IND meetings, and prepared INDP submissions. All of which have been approved by the FDA on the first pass. In addition, Dr. Treiger has developed novel regulatory strategies for multiple products and obtained FDA approval at End of Phase/Pre-Phase meetings. 
Prior to joining the industry, Dr. Teriger was on faculty at UCLA and ran a successful private practice and conducted multiple industry-sponsored clinical trials (Phase I-IV). He has extensive laboratory research experience in molecular biology. Clinical areas of expertise include: oncology, urology, immunology and gene therapy.

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