Our Core Principles

Company Social Responsibility
 We will strive to demonstrate our commitment to sound social 
performance by practicing global diversity, fostering health and 
wellness, and advancing employee safety in our daily business 
activities. We will promote employee involvement and volunteerism, 
community partnerships and university outreach programs 
throughout our global organization.

Health and Wellness Philosophy
Since good health and wellness are at the core of our business, 
our employees’ health and well-being are important to us. We 
believe that encouraging a healthy, happy and productive work 
force will not only improve the lives of our employees but also 
strengthen the value they bring to our operational and financial performance.
We strive to provide a work environment that encourages employees to lead healthy lifestyles and proactively work toward improving their health. We believe fitness is important for employees in achieving good health, preventing serious disease and better managing existing health conditions.
All employees are encouraged to participate in the wellness activities, pursue a healthy lifestyle, and integrate fitness and good nutrition into their daily routines. Employees may accomplish this by working with SCG’s wellness programs, resources and staff to help develop their own personal health improvement plans. Employees may also work with their supervisors to establish daily routines that ensure workplace productivity is maintained.

Employee Philosophy
At Schawan Consulting Group our company culture is a critical ingredient to our success. We value our employees and provide a work environment that allows people to grow and advance their abilities. We value teamwork and individuals who make a "we can do" attitude a hallmark of their work.
First and foremost, we are client-focused and work hard to provide the level of service required to help our clients meet their objectives. We strive for excellence in all we do. We do our best and then we go the extra mile to do it better.
At the same time, we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We try to find enjoyment in our work and have some fun in the process. We laugh with each other and sometimes at ourselves. We encourage activities that build inter-departmental relationships and foster team building in the workplace and the broader community. Our network of operating social committees offers a variety of activities from intramural sports teams, volunteer opportunities and charitable fundraisers to social gatherings.
We strive to be the best in our industry by working hard for our clients while not forgetting that playing hard is also essential to our continued success.

Environmental Responsibility
We will demonstrate sound environmental responsibility as a company by integrating environmental, health and safety considerations into our daily business. We support conservation in areas in which it makes good business sense, and we ensure our operations do not harm the environment or quality of life in our communities. We also encourage interested employees to support the environmental causes of their choice and urge them to continue their efforts to improve the quality of life in their communities.

Schawan Consulting Group is committed to diversity in our work force and among our suppliers because our company’s continued success requires that we bring together talented individuals for all aspects of our business.
The ability to successfully meet the expectations of our customers, employees and community depends largely on the knowledge, skill, integrity, imagination and diversity of our employees. Thus, we strive to create an environment of mutual respect, support and teamwork for our global work force as well as one that rewards quality and performance.
We seek qualified suppliers, large and small, from all segments of the business community, including minority, female and veteran-owned businesses. We believe global diversity is important to our future success and that working with qualified suppliers from diverse segments strengthens our business practices as well as our local communities.

Recognition Philosophy
At SCG we recognize employees who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the areas of client service, quality, teamwork and collaboration, leadership and SCG core values. We will match the reward type and level with the contribution and ensure that awards are delivered with sincerity and emphasis on what is valued by the individual or the team.

Corporate Volunteerism
At SCG we view corporate volunteerism as a triple-win opportunity because it helps people in the community, gives employees an opportunity to give back and benefits the company in various ways.
We believe it is our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to help strengthen the communities where we live and work. However, community involvement and volunteerism is more than just good corporate citizenship — it is a matter of investing in each other.
Schawan Consulting Group encourages employees to play an active role in their communities through charitable giving and volunteerism. The company also encourages its managers and leaders to serve as role models to others by giving back to their communities.

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